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  • ATP T-Flight 280 DC
    The best racquet for your first ranking with softer feel.
    NZ$ 299.00
    NZ$ 259.00
  • ATP T-Fight 320 DC
    Updated Tour Version in bigger headsize & lighter weight for modern tennis. Rectangular cross-section and traditional oval head-shape designed for aggressive control.
    NZ$ 349.00
    NZ$ 289.00
  • ATP T-Flash 270 Powerstab
    The light & powerful racquet is extremely comfortable suitable for young player and ladies looking for an easy game.
    NZ$ 249.00
    NZ$ 229.00
  • ATP T-Flash 285 Powerstab
    For players who want to maximise power, comfort and maneuverability. Strong feeling of power & stability with extra comfort. for young looking for power stability.
    NZ$ 279.00
    NZ$ 259.00
  • ATP T-Flight 265 DC
    The best first adult graphite racquet dedicated to the junior players with softer feel.
    NZ$ 269.00
    NZ$ 249.00
  • ATP T-Flight 300 DC
    98in T-Flight model for more power and spin. Rectangular cross-section & traditional oval head-shape designed for aggressive control.
    NZ$ 329.00
    NZ$ 279.00
  • ATP T-Flash 26 JNR Racquet
    Tecnifibre's most powerful Junior Racquet for young players looking for power and maneuverability .
    NZ$ 149.00
    NZ$ 129.00
  • TF Court 4 Ball (ctn 36) - 144 Balls
    A ball which provides good feeling and durability.
    NZ$ 612.00
    NZ$ 349.00
  • TF XLD 4 Ball Carton 36  (144 Balls)
    Pressureless Tennis Ball. Extremely durable ball.
    Especially Made for ball machines.
    NZ$ 900.00
    NZ$ 450.00
  • TF Championship One 4 ball (ctn 36) 144 Balls
    An all-round ball for either training or competition.
    NZ$ 468.00
    NZ$ 315.00
  • TF X-one 4 Ball (ctn 36) 144 Balls
    The best quality for high competition players.
    NZ$ 900.00
    NZ$ 499.00
  • TF XLD 4 Ball Carton 18 Cans (72 Balls)
    Pressureless Tennis Ball. Extremely durable ball.
    Especially Made for ball machines.
    NZ$ 450.00
    NZ$ 275.00

Why buy from me? "I believe in buying the right racquet the first time. I see too many people turn up with the wrong choice for their style of play, age and ability, having been misled in their purchase and spent money on the wrong gear. I will help select and source your racquet, knowing that with 25 years of playing professional tennis and coaching I can help you get it right. Call any time or visit me in my Tennis Pro Shop @ Belmont Park Racquets Club for independent, personal advice on all aspects of your tennis." – Mark Nielsen

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Shop Babolat Shop Head Shop Prince Shop Tecnifibre Shop Dunlop Shop Slazenger