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We offer two options for professional racquet re-stringing, with Mark personally stringing every racquet:

DOOR-TO-DOOR SERVICE – $70 including string*


If you live on the North Shore or in the Auckland City areas we will pick up your racquet and deliver it back to your door within 48 hours of payment for just $70.

Text Mark on 021-462 496 or email  service@smashtennis.co.nz  to arrange a pickup from your door.  Payments to be made by Direct Credit to SMASHTENNIS 02-0272-0067831-97 Ref: Your Street Address, or cash on delivery.

Payments made day of pickup will ensure quick-return delivery. Delivery only upon proof of payment.

REGULAR RE-STRING @ CLUB PRO SHOP – $55 including string* / $25 if own string supplied

Drop your racquet off to me at the Pro Shop any time and I will re-string it as soon as possible for you. Located at Belmont Park Racquets,133 Bayswater Avenue, Bayswater. 

See below for details of string options. Text me to discuss which string is best for you, if not sure: 021 462 496

Mark Nielsen racquet stringing service

* Does not include natural gut string - please contact us for a price on this

Why It's iMportant to restring a racquet...

The general rule of thumb for your racquet when thinking about a re-string is if you're playing once a week, then you need to re-string once a year. Twice week = twice a year, 3 times a week = 3 times a year, and so on. It's also worth a pre-season re-string when you've left your racquet sitting over the winter period.

The re-string is important because all strings are made out of plastic and over time they lose tension. Higher tension = More control. Less tension = Less control.

Remember:  Most strings are made of plastic so they lose tension through heat in the atmosphere. Be sure to keep your racquets out of the sun in a cool place to lengthen the life of a re-string. Never leave your racquet in the car!  

And never wait for a string to break before having your racquet re-strung.

why re-string from me...

Guarantee of quality:  I personally string every racquet myself and do not leave it to inexperienced shop staff.

Most people remember me as New Zealand's #1 tennis player, but in order to get that title, tennis has always been my life... therefore I have significant knowledge of the game and all tennis equipment. A re-string for me is very personal and it should be for you too. I have spent many hours re-stringing my own racquets and other people's. I understand everything there is to know about racquets and strings and strongly feel this service needs to be personalised to each and every player and their game. 

I can tell you immediately if your racquet has been strung well or poorly and if and when it's due for a re-string. Talk to me about the re-string options I provide so I can help you get the best out of your racquet.

"I just want to say thanks for the great pickup and delivery service to restring my retro tennis racquet. The red and black strings look great and weather permitting I will try them out tonight."   – James MacKinnon

Mention you have seen this re-stringing advert on our website and receive a free overgrip with your re-string!

Why Buy from me?

"I believe in buying the right racquet the first time. I see too many people turn up with the wrong choice for their style of play, age and ability, having been misled in their purchase and spent money on the wrong gear. I will help select and source your racquet, knowing that with over 30 years of playing professional tennis and coaching I can help you get it right. Call any time or visit me in my Tennis Pro Shop @ Belmont Park Racquets Club for independent, personal advice on all aspects of your tennis." –  Mark Nielsen

If you need more information or advice from Mark on any product, please email service@smashtennis.co.nz

Mark Nielsen Smash Tennis


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