Make-up Lessons

8 April 2021

A reminder that SMASHTENNIS coaching continues until Friday 16th April. However, due to a very difficult term with Covid-19, we have been unable to complete all term lessons.

Please contact me to book a make-up class, if required.

Note: If you paid the term fee post-lockdown, the fee was adjusted and no make-up lessons are needed.

Below is a summary of the lessons owed:

Monday groups2 make-up lessons (some completed one this week)
Tuesday groups1 make-up lesson
Wednesday groups2 make-up lessons
Thursday groupsWill be completed next week
Development SquadsWill complete their 8-week programme next week
All private lessonsWill be notified if any outstanding lessons to be completed
Tennis TotsWill be completed on Saturday, 10th April

Please text me on 021 493 489 to book into any extra day next week (i.e. different to your scheduled lesson) if you wish to do any make-up classes. Booking is essential to ensure we have coaching staff. Please come at the same time as your normal class.

Many thanks
Jo Nielsen


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