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Ball Baskets & Tubes

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  • Ball Basket
    Picks up 110 balls. This wire basket is very portable and easy to use. The handles reverse to become legs & can stand steady beside you. Very durable.
    NZ$ 149.00
    NZ$ 119.00
  • Prince Ball Tube Collector
    15 ball pick up.
    NZ$ 69.00
    NZ$ 59.00
  • Unique Tourna Ballport Ball Basket
    Easy lightweight ball basket. Picks up 80 Balls. Assembly instructions are enclosed in the box.
    Great for parents to use when playing with their children or Perfect for serving practice.

    Pay $125 incl shipping (North Island) $130 incl shipping (South Island) and Mark will send The ball basket + 80 secondhand balls. Pay via bank account. 021462496
    NZ$ 89.00
    NZ$ 79.00
  • Babolat Ball Tube
    Save your back, collect tennis balls without bending. Space for 15 balls in the tube.
    NZ$ 89.00
    NZ$ 69.00

Why buy from me? "I believe in buying the right racquet the first time. I see too many people turn up with the wrong choice for their style of play, age and ability, having been misled in their purchase and spent money on the wrong gear. I will help select and source your racquet, knowing that with 25 years of playing professional tennis and coaching I can help you get it right. Call any time or visit me in my Tennis Pro Shop @ Belmont Park Racquets Club for independent, personal advice on all aspects of your tennis." – Mark Nielsen

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Shop Babolat Shop Head Shop Prince Shop Tecnifibre Shop Dunlop Shop Slazenger